8 Best Free Photo Viewer for Windows 10 | Updated 2017.

Windows Photo Viewer is a simple and powerful image viewer which accepts almost all type of image formats.

It was available in previous versions of Windows. But unfortunately, Microsoft has removed this simple and best photo viewer App from the Windows 10 and added another App for this purpose which is known as “Photos”.

But the main problem with this new App “Photos” is that it is a little heavy and can’t open the images fast as compared to Windows Photo Viewer and lack many other important features.

Most people don’t like this new update in windows 10. So, therefore we have compiled a list of Best alternatives to Windows Photo Viewer.

You can use any Software from the below list of Best Free Photo Viewer for Windows 10.

So Let’s move on without wasting much time.

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10.

Alternative to Windows Photo Viewer.

So, here you’ll know some best photo viewer for windows 10.

1. KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro:

It is an amazing alternative to Windows Photo Viewer. It is full of awesome features. You can open any type of image with this software.

It contains some basic tools like crop, resize, sharpen, etc.  You can easily adjust your images with this tool. You can draw text on your images.

It can do almost everything. The best thing about this Windows Photo Viewer alternative is that it is too simple, light weight, and easy to use. Anyone can use it even a newbie.

KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro comes in both paid and free version. Download the free version if you like it then buy otherwise, don’t.

best-photo-viewer-for-windows-102. FastStone Image Viewer:

An impressive image viewer, converter, & editor. It have tons of astonishing features. It supports almost all type of images (.jpg, .png, .BMP, GIF, etc.) it also support camera raw files.

FastStone is a simple, fast, reliable and best image viewer. You can easily draw lines, text etc. And edit your photos on the go. It contains many editing tools like cropping, resizing, red eyes removal, etc.

It has also a built-in option of slide-show which consists of about 150 transitions and effects.

The most significant part about this best photo viewer for windows 10 is that it is free-ware. Which means you can use it for free.

It also supports screen shot features and you can also create attachments for emailing to someone.

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alternative-to-windows-photo-viewer3. IrfanView:

IrfanView is a wonderful photo viewer for windows. It is used by hundreds of people. People love it due to its simplicity. And the essential part of IrfanView is that it is a freeware.

You can say that it is the simplest but yet a powerful image viewer for windows 10. You can’t say no to this one. Because IrfanView is unbeatable in term of ease and speed.

It also support almost all type of of images formats. They also have put some options to edit your photos and create slide shows very easily.

IrfanView is not only a best photo viewer but it also support playing of audio and videos. It is available in all languages.

windows-photo-viewer-alternative4. XnView:

XnView is a photo viewer which supports almost 500 different formats of images. It can also convert images from one format to another.

XnView is a splendid alternative to Windows Photo Viewer. It is free for personal use. You can also use it on your android phone.

XnView is best for those who work on several different formats of images. It also contains some basic editing stuffs which you can use.

XnView can also be used on Linux operating system. you can easily create slide shows and manage you image libraries.

best-photo-viewer-windows-105. Phototheca:

An award winning photo viewer for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista and Xp. It is a light weight and simple image viewer you can also install it on previous versions of Windows.

You can easily view, sort, and organize your photos and videos in just few clicks through Phototheca. You can also create albums.

In simple words, it is a breathtaking alternative to Windows Photo Viewer. Don’t forget to give it a try.

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6. Nomacs:

Nomacs is a free, open source program which almost supports all common image formats. It also supports viewing of .psd files.

You can use it for free as an alternative to Windows Photo Viewer. It is also have some common options of editing.

Nomacs will also show you metadata, thumbnails etc. You can also open zip and ms office files. You can adjust you images brightness, contrasts, etc very easily.

Easily create slide show of your images with Nomacs.

nomacs7. Imagine:

Imagine is a stable and light-weight free-ware. It also support many types of common image formats. You can also create slide-shows and it has a lot of animations built-in.

Imagine also support rar, 7zip, 7z, etc files. You can also view batch files with imagine.

Imagine also contains some common editing tools like cropping, resizing, etc.

Imagine will also show you metadata, thumbnail, etc of your photo. You can download and install it for free.

best-image-viewer-windows-108. Fresh View:

Fresh View give you the ability to view, edit and manage your media files like photos, videos, audios. It is not only used for image viewing. It can do a lot more.

Fresh View can convert your media files from one format to another very easily. You can print your images even can make HTML album.

Fresh View have the capability to show you thumbnails, metadata, etc of your images.

FreshView also came with some cool features of editing. You can easily edit your photos and can make slide shows in a matter of just few clicks.

In straightforward words it is also a good alternative to Windows Photo Viewer. Give it a try FreshView deserves it.

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fresh-viewFinal Words:

So, above is the list of best Photo Viewer for Windows 10. You can also install it on other versions of Windows too. But actually Previous versions of Windows have the Windows Photo Viewer so, thats why you don’t need to install any extra software.

You can choose any alternative to windows photo viewer from the above list.

Don’t forget to share it. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comment section.



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