11 Best Free Video Compression Software.

Do you want free video compressor software? And want to choose the best video compression software to shrink your video sizes without losing their original quality.

If your answer is yes, then you are at right place here you will know the best free programs, which will help you to compress your videos easily.

As all of you know that it is very hard to upload or send videos without compressing it. Because compression help in reducing the size without affecting its quality. Therefore, it is an important task to do.

Best Video Compression Software:

There are hundreds of free and paid compression softwares available in the market, but all of them are not too much good. That’s why I am here to share with you 11 best video compression software free.

1. Format Factory:

Format Factory is an open source program. Actually, it is one of my favorite software. Format Factory is very easy to use, it means that if you are a newbie then no problem there is no experience required to use this freeware.

You can convert any type of video ( AVI, MP4, etc). You can choose any FPS, resolution or format. You can compress videos for any device because there is also devices option available to choose.

While compressing always choose medium quality so that your video does not lose its quality. You can also select low-quality option, but it depends on you that how much you want to shrink the size.

If you only want to compress it for mobiles then you don’t need to choose quality, just select mobile from the device section and click on convert.

free-video-compression-software2. HandBrake:

It is also an open source program. HandBrake almost accept all type of formats and can convert them into any type of format you choose. It is also one of the best and most used free video compressor software.

HandBrake is available almost for all OS ( WIndows, Linux, Mac ). There is also default presets present for some devices. Which you can choose without doing any extra work, just choose any device for which you want to convert the video and it will start its work.

But if you want to do it manually then select any resolution, FPS, Quality you want and click on start button. That’s all.

Note: always select “automatic” option in cropping menu and type “0” in all the boxes, if you don’t want to crop the video.

handbrake3. Avidemux:

It is also in one of the best video compression software and available for windows, linux, and mac. Avidemux has a simple layout and very easy to use. There is also some default presets available which you can choose according to your demand.

Avidemux also accepts almost all types of formats. There are also some default filters available which you can choose. Here you can also change FPS, resolution, etc.

But remember one thing always select MP4 AVC H.264 Codec it will give you better quality in very less size as compared to other codecs.

best-video-compressor4. Sorenson Squeeze Video Encoder:

It has both free and paid versions. But don’t worry free version is enough for small tasks. It also accepts and converts almost all types of formats from Flash to WMV. Sorenson is used by mostly professionals.

Sorenson provides a great user experience so that anyone can use it, from beginners to expert. Here you can also choose resolution, bit rate, FPS, etc. Choose it according to your need.

best-video-compression-software5. Total Video Converter:

Total Video Converter is one of the most popular and Best Video Compression Software in the market. It has also both Free and Paid versions available. But free is enough for small tasks.

It has a beautiful layout which makes it very easy to use. Total Video Converter is available for Mac and Windows.

It also accepts almost any type of format. You can also convert audio files using it. As it names suggest it is a totally free video compressor software. Paid version is available. But as I told you before free is enough.

You can choose any device from the device section so that the program compresses it according to your selection. And can select resolution, Frame rate, etc.



6. STOIK Video Converter:

STOIK Video converter is video processing and enhancement software which is available in both free and paid versions. It contains 275+ presets which you can select with just one-click.

STOIK convert almost all formats and you can choose any reolution, bit rate, frame rate very easily. It is only available for windows.

STOIK-Video-Enhancer7. iSkySoft Video Converter:

iSkySoft is available for both Mac and Windows, but it is especially designed for Mac, you can also use it in Windows with all the features. iSkySoft is available in both free and paid versions.

The best part of this program is that it compresses videos 30x faster than any other software without losing its original quality.

iSkySoft is also capable of compressing audio files. There are also some defaults preset available, which you can choose according to your demand.

best-video-compression8. Popwire’s Compression Master:

Popwire’s is only available for Mac users. It is a expensive software but there is 30 days of trial available to test the program.

Popwire’s also accept all type of common formats like MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc. And is capable of converting almost all types of format.

Popwire's-compression-master9. SWiSH:

SWiSH is the best video compression software for those who want to highly compress there videos. It is also available in both free and paid versions.

By SWiSH you can import any type of video and it will convert it into highly compressed FLV format. You can configure the setting according to your demand.

10. VideoZILLA Video Encoder:

VideoZILLA is a powerful program which can convert almost any type of format. You can configure it as u want.

VideoZILLA can also extract audio from videos and are capable of saving it in WMV or Mp3 format. you can change the resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc. Just configure the setting and click on convert.

video-compression-software11. Riva FLV Encoder and Video Compressor:

Riva is a super powerful program which can convert and compress any type of video format into FLV. It is available free in the market. It has a simple layout with very little options.

Riva is very good and best free video compression software. It will convert any type of video into FLV format without losing its quality.


All of the above softwares are good for video compressing, you can choose anyone. But I recommend the HandBrake and Avidemux. Because they have a very simple layout which makes it very easy to use. Even a beginner can use it very easily.
And the most important part of these programs is that they are open source and free for lifetime. You don’t need to pay a single penny.

Again I want to say that, you can choose any of the above softwares which can fulfill your need.

I hope that you’ll like the article.

If you have any question feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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