12 Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator for PC, Mac & Android 2017.

Are you a fan of Nintendo 3ds games? But unfortunately, you don’t have a console to play their games. If your answer is YES.

Then don’t worry. Now you don’t need to spend some extra bucks to buy Nintendo 3d game console to play their games.

Because here in this article, you’ll know the best Nintendo 3ds emulator for PC, Mac, and Android to enjoy playing Nintendo 3ds games.

An emulator is a type of software which clone the operating system of other devices and make it capable of running it on different systems like Windows, Mac, Android etc. With an emulator, you can run android games on your PC, etc.

After installing one of the Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator from the below list. Then you’ll have full control on Nintendo 3d games and will be capable of playing it on your Android, PC, Mac etc.

So let’s get started.

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8 Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator for PC, Mac.

This is a compiled list of Nintendo Best 3ds Emulator for PC.

8. R4 3DS Emulator:

R4 3DS Emulator is specially developed for Game Developers to test their games on PC. So, that they don’t need to use DS console.

But R4 3DS can also be used to play games on PC. The main CON of this emulator is that you can’t play the latest 3d game on it. But it works awesome for old games.

May be they can solve this problem in the upcoming latest version of R4 3DS.

3ds-emulator7. TronDS:

TronDS is not a very popular 3ds emulator. Because it is not updated from a long time. It was first developed in 2014. It was last updated on 2015 to the ( version.

It is coded in C# language.

It is not a best 3ds emulator due to its instability. And you can’t play all Nintendo 3ds game on it except Homebrew.

tron-ds6. 3DMOO:

3DMOO is an open source program and developed by an Experience DS developers. It is suitable for Windows and Linux.

Unfortunately, it is not available for download now. But you can find it here on Github.

Due to some bugs, The program crashes frequently.

5. NeonDS:

NeonDS is a 3ds emulator for PC which is available to download for free on Softonic. It works well on some commercial games.

It is a light software which means it doesn’t need too much space. The current version of this 3ds emulator is (0.2.1) and it was last updated on 2011.

It contains some bugs too due to not updating. But it works smoothly on Windows XP and Vista.

neon-ds4. No$GBA:

No$GBA was a free software but now on the latest update on July 2017. You have to pay some bucks of about $2.5 to use this Nintendo 3ds Emulator. Which is very cheap in my opinion.

It is a DS / Game Boy Advance Nintendo Emulator for PC.

This one is a Best 3ds emulator due to its latest updates. The developers are still working on it.


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3. DeSmuME:

DeSmuME is a Free Nintendo 3ds Emulator for PC. You can run some valuable and commercial games on it.

Its latest version was (0.9.11) released on 15th April 2015. It is very easy to use the developers has also put the manual on their official website.

They also have a forum where you can ask questions and post bugs.

android-3ds-emulator2. iDeaS

iDeaS is one of the best 3ds emulator for PC. You can play some commercial games on it including Super Mario and Pokemon Diamond. It also supports dual screen processing.

You can download it for free from here.

3ds-emulator-for-pc1. Citra 3Ds Emulator

Citra 3Ds is one of the best Nintendo 3ds emulator for PC, Mac, and Linux. It is an open source program. Don’t forget to try it out.

It is the most popular and easy to use emulator available in the market. This emulator is almost free from bugs and is very stable.

The developers of this Nintendo 3ds emulator are working hard to improve it more. Due to their hard work, it is one of the Best 3ds emulator for PC, Mac, and Linux.

You need to have 64 bit to run it smoothly. It also requires OpenGL 3.3 version or above.

Citra-3Ds-EmulatorBest Nintendo 3Ds Emulators for Android

Actually, there are not many satisfying emulators available in the market. Because it is still in development stages. But don’t worry. Here I’ve compiled the best list for Android too.

So Let’s move on.

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6. Ultimate x3DSx Gold:

x3DSx is an easy-to-use Android 3ds emulator. Which works on almost all android devices and available for free to download from Playstore.

 It also supports link cable emulation at a good speed. It runs almost all games without any interruptions. It does not need any BIOS files.

you can also create shortcuts of your favorite game to launch it quickly. You can also use external devices to play games like external keyboards etc.

Ultimate x3DSx Gold5. nds4droid:

nds4droid open source program. It is a Nintendo DS emulator which is available to download it for free from Playstore. However, it is a bit slow but the developers are working on it to improve its performance.

This Android 3ds emulator support 7z, rar, and NDS files. Unlike other emulators, it doesn’t violate any GPL.

nds4droid4. AseDS:

AseDS is a free Nintendo 3ds emulator which you can download from Playstore free of cost. It has some great features like dual touchscreen interface. You can also save the game and load it anytime without any hassles of losing it.

You can also connect wireless devices to it. There are a lot of more options like custom buttons, frame skipping, and flicker reductions, etc.

AseDS3. DraStic DS Emulator:

DraStic is a fast and easy to use Nintendo 3ds emulator for Android. However, it is not a free software you have to purchase it from Google Play to use it. Its price is $5 which is very cheap.

DraStic includes a lot of decent features like it have a database of cheat codes, it can also synchronize your games data to your online Google Drive storage, and it also supports nVidia Shield and Xperia Play add-on controllers, etc.

They also provide support.

DraStic DS Emulator2. NDS Boy!:

NDS Boy! is also a best 3ds emulator which is available in both free and paid versions on Playstore. The main CON of NDS Boy! is that it only runs on Android phones having 2 GB ram or higher and 4.0+ versions.

It also contains some good options like quick save, quick load and auto saving, etc.It supports only .nds, .zip, .7z, .rar type files.

You just need to have a good Android device with higher specs to use this Android 3ds emulator.


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1. RetroArch:

RetroArch is an open source program and available for free to download it. This Nintendo 3ds emulator is a bit confusing to use it. Because it has a lot of built-in options which makes it a little confusing for Newbie.

Although it is not a bad one. It has some good features like scanning files, directories and adding it to the game collection, you can also view database information of any game in the collection, etc.

RetroArch has also a database of cheats for games. It has no restrictions on usage. They also provide support in many languages.

Final Words:

As you know there are hundred of Nintendo 3ds Emulator for PC, Android, etc. But all of them are not worthy. However, you can choose any of the above emulator from the list to use.

Although there are not developed any perfect Nintendo 3ds Emulator for PC or Android all of them have some kind of problems. So, you have to tolerate it.

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