How to Convert Exe to Apk Files – 100% Working Method.

Hello friends, do you ever wonder to run window software on your mobile (how to run Exe on Android or How to convert Exe to Apk)? If yes? Then this article is for you.

“Everyone in this world have some favorite softwares on their computers/laptops. And everyone wants to run these softwares on their Android phone”. Because mobiles are easy to handle and you can take it to anywhere in the world and also can use it anywhere.

But unfortunately, you can not install your favorite software on your mobiles. Because you are only capable of installing Apk files only. Actually, This was an old concept. Now the world is changed, now you can easily convert exe to apk files. And then run it on your mobiles anytime, anywhere.

exe-to-apkToday I’ll show you a simple and cool trick ” How to Convert Exe to Apk Files”. The method which I am going to show you is 100% working. In this Article, I’ll also show you a cool exe to apk converter tool.

For this method, you need an exe to apk converter tool which will convert your exe to apk in minutes. So let start.

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Requirements to Convert Exe to Apk.

  • You need a PC or Laptop to run the software.
  • You can use any version of Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10)
  • Internet connection is required only one time to download the converter.
  • And an Android phone to run the converted exe.

Exe to Apk Converter Tutorial.

  • Step 1: First of all download the following software from the below link.

                                       Click Here to Download the Tool

Note: A few months ago, everyone is able to download the software for free. But unfortunately, they have changed their policy of downloading the app for free. Now there is only one way to download it for free.

If you want to download it, then first of all, you have to complete a survey. After completing the survey, they will give you a download link. Sorry for this, but we can’t do anything. Because the developer of the software take this action and we are not able to make it free again.

Beside that, The software is 100% working.

  • Step 2: After downloading, unzip the file ( you can use winzip or winrar for this purpose) and then launch the software by double clicking on it for installation.

exe to apk converter

  • Step 3: After Launching, Choose any option you want (setup file or portable file ). Here I choose portable. You can choose anyone.

run exe on android

  • Step 4: Now select that file for converting which you want to run on your Android phone. By doing this it will load the file. Now, wait for some time so that the software will load the file completely. When the software complete its process then click on “Convert” button as shown in the image below.

convert exe to apk

  • Step 5: After clicking on convert button it will start its process. Again wait for some time so that the software completes its process of converting.

exe to apk file converter

  • Step 6: When the software completes its process then it will show you a success message.

exe to apk converter tool

  • Step 7: Now just copy the converted Apk file and install it on your mobile and enjoy.

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I hope after reading this whole article you’ll be able to convert exe to apk easily. And if you have any question then you can ask below in the comment section.

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