Top 13 FM Transmitter App for Android 2017.

Hey, Do you love listening to music and FM transmissions? If yes then you need to know about Best FM Transmitter App for Android. Going on a long drive without listening to music is a little bit annoying in my opinion.

But not anymore, Now you will know that how to make your long drive more interesting and enjoyable with these easy to use Android FM Transmitter Apps.

As all of you know that, FM is the oldest medium for music, news and other entertainment broadcasts. Now Technology is becoming more advanced, but we can not forget the FM. It is the easiest way to enjoy during our spare time or traveling.

fm-transmitter-appJust look at the smart phones in today’s world. Everyone uses it. It is very tough to survive without Smart Phones.

Now let’s begin as you know that we can listen to FM transmission using our Android device. Here I’ll tell you best FM transmitter apps for your Android device,  which will make your life just perfect and easy.

Top FM Transmitter App For Android Devices.

If you just search in Play Store, you will find 100s of Apps. But all of them are not equal in features. And if you want to install the best one then you have to check all these apps one by one.

Which is very time consuming, you can not check all of them one by one. So, for your time saving, we have compiled the best list of Android FM Transmitter Apps. Now just install anyone from this compiled list and use it without any worry.

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13. Car Music Connector:

It is a free app available at play store for android. By using this software, you can easily connect your android device to your car by Bluetooth.

The best feature of this app is when you get into your car it will enable Bluetooth automatically and connect it. And when you leave your car it will automatically disable Bluetooth to conserve your phone battery.

It will also disable wifi when you get into your car to save battery and will enable it again after leaving the car.

It is specially designed to conserve battery.

Car-Music-Connector12. Smart Connect:

It is an official app from Sony. And available free of cost at playstore. With this software, you can easily connect your Android device to any audio device like the car stereo, mp3 player, etc.

You can easily control anything from the app like Player, GPS, WiFi, etc. They also provide the information of a previously connected device.

Smart Connect also helps you to manage your smart accessories like Smart Watch, Smart Tags, etc.

Smart-Connect11. Wireless Audio – Multiroom:

Samsung develops this FM Transmitter App for Android. And available free of cost in play store. By using this app, you can stream any music anywhere. It’ll find your favorite music for you from various sources like radios etc.

You can control anything. You can play different music in various rooms of a house or same music in all rooms.

Wireless-Audio-–-Multiroom10. Quick FM transmitter:

We can’t count this app in best FM transmitter apps for Android. Because it lacks some useful features, but you also can’t say it a bad one. It is also available for free in playstore.

This app does not work in Airplane mode. You must turn off the Airplane mode to use it.

Quick-FM-transmitter9. TuneLink Auto:

TuneLink Auto is also not a best one but worth to try it. It also has some good features, but you have to buy some hardwares for it to use. This app is freely available at playstore.

Anyway, This one is an advanced FM transmitter app. It is very easy to use and control this app. You can pair your device to your car or any other device through Bluetooth. But you must have to buy some accessories for it.


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8. Simple Radio:

Simple Radio is in one of the best FM transmitter Apps for Android. It has a clean User Interface and very easy to use. It is also freely available in play store.

Simple Radio has been installed 10,000,000 to 50,000,000 times approximately with 4.5 user rating. That’s why it is the best one FM Transmitter App for Android.

This app will pull down music from about 40,000 sources from around the world free of cost. Now you just need to install the app and enjoy yourself.

You can also search for music by Genre, country, etc. This app provides buffer and interruption free environment just for you to enjoy.

Simple-Radio7. Podcast Player:

Podcast Player has also got the best position in Top FM Transmitter App for Android. It contains 1000s of free audio content. It is also a free app. This App is the winner of many awards like Winner of Judges’ Choice Award, Most Entertaining of Best Apps 2016 by Google Play, Top Trending Apps of Global Best 2016 by Google Play, etc.

This app contains music streaming, FM streaming and much more. It has a great collection of music you can search via Genres, Country, etc. You can also connect it to your car or any other device through Bluetooth.

Podcast-Player6. App Remote:

App Remote is a simple easy to use android FM transmitter app. It has a clean user interface. You can connect it to your car through Bluetooth.

Some of its useful features are you can also control your device through voice communication, and it has fully synchronized function integration with Car Audio or Personal Audio System.

App Remote will read aloud your incoming notifications, messages, etc. So, that you don’t have to open your devices for messages or notifications.

App-Remote5. Car Music Player:

Car Music Player is specially designed for use during driving to minimize the risk of accidents. It also has a clean user interface.

It will play music from your phone SD Card. There are a lot of options that you can choose from it. You can choose to play only your favorite music. You can easily rewind or fast forward music, and much more.


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4. AllConnect – Play & Stream:

It is not only an FM transmitter app. By using this application, you can easily stream anything like music, photos, videos on your Smart TV, Xbox, Apple TV, etc. It is available for free in PlayStore. It has about 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 installs with an average of 4.0 rating.

AllConnect – Play & Stream has a clean environment so that anyone can use it. You can connect it to your car audio system through Bluetooth to play music. Or you can use it to stream your photos, videos on your Smart TV, Xbox, etc.

AllConnect-–-Play-&-Stream3. Car Home Ultra:

Car Home Ultra has some cool features than other Android FM transmitter Apps. It is not only for managing radio transmissions, music, etc. It can also show your GPS Location, Car speed, weather and much more.

It will respond automatically to your messages to prevent road accidents it can dial numbers for you and can do a lot more. Just install it and expand your workability during driving.

Car-Home-Ultra2. is a clean and well-organized app. In simple words, it is an excellent Android FM transmitter App. By installing this app, you will have access to about the entire radio stations from around the world. It has about 30,000 radio stations.

You can quickly search for music, news, etc. And you can also bookmark any channel you like for later listening. You can also search for music, broadcasts by categories, genres, countries, etc.

It has a huge collection of channels.This app is available for free to download in play store. Now just download it and enjoy.

Radio.net1. NextRadio Free Live FM Radio:

NextRadio Free Live FM Radio is one of the best FM Transmitter Apps for Android. It also has a beautiful design. You can easily access to local and international radio broadcasts.

It has not a huge list of radio stations. But you can easily listen to your favorite radio broadcast in your local area. It will show that what is live streaming now.

It also has some good features like you can view the history of a song etc. You can also share what you are listening to on facebook.

NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

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Final Words:

So, the above are some best FM Transmitter Apps for Android. You can use it anyone from them it’s up to you which one you choose. The above list is tested and it is a curated list, not just a random one.

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