How to Play Xbox 360 Games on PC | Best Xbox 360 Emulator for PC

If you are a game lover, but you don’t have a budget to buy the Xbox 360 gaming console. Then, don’t worry here in this article, I will show you that how to play Xbox 360 games on PC.

You don’t need to buy a console you can play almost all Xbox 360 games on your pc with the help of Xbox 360 emulator.

Xbox is a gaming console developed by Microsoft. It is the 2nd console in the Xbox consoles.

Xbox games are full of entertainment you’ll enjoy it. It competes with Sony’s and Nintendo’s gaming consoles.

Now, I know that you are curious to know about how to play Xbox 360 games on PC. So Let’s start.

how-to-play-xbox-360-games-on-pcHow to Play Xbox 360 Games on PC.

You can easily play Xbox games on your PC or laptop with the help of emulators. There are many Xbox 360 emulator available for PC and laptops on the internet.

You can use anyone from the below list.

Here in this article, I’ll also include a video so that you can understand the steps easily.

So let’s begin.

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Best Xbox 360 Emulator for PC:

1. Box Emulator:

Box emulator provides the best environment to play Xbox games on PC with better graphics (60 fps). Box emulator was in development mode for a long time.

But now the developers have released it in the market. You can download it free of cost from here.

2. Xenia:

Xenia is an open source project. The developer of the Xenia developed it just for fun. But now it has achieved a great place in the Xbox 360 emulator for PC list.

The developers are working hard to improve it more. You can play almost all Xbox 360 games on it.

Download it from here free of cost.

3. CXBX.

CXBX is capable of playing many Xbox and Xbox 360 games. It is also a free-ware you can download it from its official website.

4. Xeon:

This one is not a good one but you can try it too. Xeon emulator is not able to play all games it only capable of playing few commercial games.

You can also download it for free from its official website.

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Step by Step Guide to Play Xbox 360 Games on PC.

  1. Download any Xbox 360 emulator for PC from the above list.
  2. After downloading, extract it to a folder on your PC with the help of 7-Zip or Rar.
  3. Now execute the file, during this step it will ask for a game disk if you have a disc image then select it and click on mount. You can also use MagicIso tool to mount it.
  4. Now you just need to run the emulator and load the game. Wait for some time so, that the emulator loads the game files.
  5. Done. Now you can play Xbox 360 games on PC.

Watch the Video Below to understand it easily.

Final Words.

Above is the list of Xbox 360 emulator for PC and How to use it tutorial. If you are still confused about anything in this article then you can ask me in the comment section I’ll glad to help You.

And if you are not able to choose the best emulator then, in my opinion, the first two ( Box, and Xenia) are the best to play Xbox 360 games on PC.

Hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share it. Thanks!