How to reopen recently closed tab in Chrome.

If you are a Google Chrome user then you have accidentally closed tab in chrome more often. This is a common issue which many users face in chrome.

If you are working on more than two-three tabs in chrome than it becomes hard for the users to identify them easily, which leads to accidentally closing the tab.

Mostly chrome users face this issue because they don’t have a tab overflow feature. Which is available in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

We hope that the chrome developers will think about this feature and add it to the next updates.


But don’t worry if you are facing this problem often, here in this article, you will learn that How to open closed tab in chrome in just a few easy steps.

So let’s move on without wasting much time.

We will discuss two methods to reopen closed tab in chrome.

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How to Open recently Closed Tab in Chrome ( Method 1 ).

To reopen recently closed tabs in chrome just press “Ctrl+Shift+T” on your keyboard or right click on the tab bar in the upper right corner and choose the option “reopen a closed tab.”

By doing the above steps, Your recently closed tab will open.

If you are using the shortcut key “Ctrl+Shift+T” then you have to enter again and again to open your all closed tab. Because by pressing it one time will open just one tab.

The above methods also work in Mozilla Firefox.

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How to reopen Closed Tab in Chrome ( Method 2 ).

To open recently closed tab just go to history which is an inbuilt feature available in chrome and choose the tab which you accidentally closed.

You can open browser history by two methods.

Method 1: Press “Ctrl+H” on your keyboard.

Method 2: Enter “chrome://history/” in the address bar of the browser as shown in the below image. By following the above steps, it will open your browsing history now just reopen closed tabs.

reopen recently closed tab

If you don’t understand the above steps just watch the video below.

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Method 1 is a universal method which you can use to open closed tab in chrome, opera, Mozilla, etc.

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