Windows Photo Viewer Update – Step by Step Guide.

Windows Photo Viewer is a software which is used to view digital images of different formats like (.jpg, .png etc,).

Windows photo viewer is available in all versions of windows from Vista, XP, 7, 8 to 10. In Operating System like XP and Vista the older version of photo viewer was installed. But in Windows 7 an update version of photo viewer is used.

Microsoft release updates to provide better User Experience to the users. If you are using an outdated version of Windows Photo Viewer then you need to update it through Windows Update Feature which is available in all version of Windows.

If you want to run your computer more fast and reliable with great user experience, Then you must have to download “Windows Photo Viewer Update version” and install it on your OS.

We will discuss below that How you can Update Windows Photo Viewer easily. So Let’s move on…

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windows-photo-viewer-updateWindows Photo Viewer Update – Step By Step Guide:

Now here I will show you step by step that how can you install “Windows photo viewer update version” on Windows 7.

  • Step-1: First of all click on the “Start Button” as shown in the picture below.


  • Step-2: Now Type “Update” in the search bar as shown in the photo below.


  • Step-3: After doing the above steps now click on the “windows update icon” which will be on the top of the window.


  • Step-4:  Now from the Software Menu click on the “Check for updates icon.” By doing this, the Operating System will start its process of searching for available updates.


  • Step-5: When the process of searching completed, it will show available update. Now check on the little which will be next to the “Photo Viewer.” Now just click on the “Install Updates” button which will be available at the bottom of the new window.


  • Step-6: Now give some time to your computer so that it complete the installation process.


  • Step-7: Now a new window will pop-out. In that window click on “Restart Button.”


  • Step-8: By doing the above steps you will successfully install “Windows Photo Viewer Update” version.

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Final Words:

Updating of your OS drivers and softwares is necessary so that it runs smoothly. Updating will also increase the security level of your computer to a great extent. Because Microsoft work hard to protect their users from hackers and other issues.

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That’s why It is an important task which you should always do.

Thanks! for reaching out here. I hope that your problem of “Windows Photo Viewer Update” will be solved.

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